Hackershtellë – Joint efforts with NGO Baushtelle

Hackershtellë – Joint efforts with NGO Baushtelle

Prishtina  Hackerspace and NGO  Baushtellë,   have joined forces to provide an inspiring co-working space for the  community by renting a perfect space for our joint efforts: it is an old house located in Ganimete Tërbeshi street in Prishtina. The house  addresses all the needs as it  has  three  broad  floors  and  a  garden,  its   rent  is reasonably priced and there is enough space for all art and  technology related activities that both our communities have in mind.
The  house is divided into three floors: the first floor will be set as  the hackerspace floor, the second as the artspace, and the ground floor  (if we manage to renovate it) as the common multifunctional space which  amongst other things, will include music rehearsal rooms and machine shops. But the whole house will be still commonly used by all space members.

All  in all, this  house virtually  named “Hackershtellë” will have all the requirements to become the first grassroots cultural centre of young creative minds of Prishtina.

Pictures and videos of the house:

– New House 01 (video) before starting the cleaning event:
– New House 02 (video) during the cleaning event:
– More pictures during the cleaning event:


Stay tuned for more updates!


About NGO Baushtelle
NGO  Baushtellë is  a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2014 as a  follow  up  to  the successful  art  project “PRISHTINË – mon  amour”. Its aim is to promote  cultural activities in Kosovo and  help  establish international  contacts for  artists  of  the country. During  this summer, Baushtelle  will  be organizing  an  event  bringing  an international  cultural exchanges  which  will  be  hosted  at  Hackershtellë. Baushtelle  is  tightly  connected  to  the  international  art scene  (especially  to  those  of  Pristina,  Belgrade  and Zurich)  and  the  aim  is  to  constantly  bring  together international  artists  to  make  exchanges  possible  and create unique artistic performances.

Hackershtellë will  become the  point  of  contact  between those three cities through artistic collaborations which will be undertaken by different communities and entities such as NGO Baushtellë.